Can we assign Trainers to Schedules?

Knowing what trainers are capable of training what is very important when it comes to planning courses.

Bluegem has a comprehensive Resource Management module included in the base product.

This includes a Staff Qualification Register (SQR) where all of your Trainers, Assessors and Validators are added. In here, they are assigned courses and qualifications that they are qualified to Train (T), Assess (A) or Validate (V).

When you schedule a course, it will allow you assign a Trainer who has the Can Train capability in the SQR. When it comes to marking assessments, only trainers who hold the Can Assess capability will appear in the selection menu.

Activities can be assigned to Schedules to book resources including people, venues and other resources (training material, vehicles, computers etc). When assigning a person, a little A, T or V will appear alongside their name, indicating who holds capabilities relating to this course.

Resource Allocation reports can then be run to monitor your resource usage, and Expense Reports can be run based on the Resources rate.