Does Bluegem's LMS Lite support SCORM?

Yes, the LMS Lite with the SCORM 1.2 Tracker supports all SCORM 1.2 features.

SCORM 1.2 is simply the communications protocol that allows content developed in products like Articulate Rise and iSpring to exchange data with Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Bluegem LMS.

The different formats elearning content can be exported in, are:

SCORM 2004

This standard improves result tracking by separating Completion vs. Success status.


Combines both making it a little more difficult for LMS’s to differentiate between a student who completed and failed, vs. A student who completed and passed. However most LMSs including Bluegem built in the logic to reliably distinguish the difference.

SCORM 2004 is also better for complex resulting, example: if the course author wanted a student to only see questions that were incorrect when retaking a quiz, SCORM 2004 would be a better solution. SCORM 1.2 would have the student retaking all questions, including those taken in the previous attempt. This could be important when there are large number of questions.

Tin Can or xApi (Experience API)

These are the latest standards that are planned to replace SCORM. Adoption has been much slower than anticipated, since SCORM still handles most online learning requirements.

The advantage of xAPI is that it offers multi environment support in standards-compliant way, including face-to-face training and ‘group learning’. The truth is, over the years LMS systems have adopted their own proprietary ways of overcoming the challenges that xAPI addresses.

So the main advantage is that xAPI offers a standard enabling content to work simultaneously across multiple LMS platforms.

Great in theory, but there still aren’t enough compliant LMS’s or a driving need to justify this benefit.


Cmi5 is a simplified protocol to cater to a subset of the xApi standard, specifically for online courses.

If you consider that xApi supports face-to-face, online, games, and other learning environments; cmi5 caters to the online scope of xApi.

In summary, unless you plan to do some seriously complex assessment grading LMS Lite SCORM 1.2 will satisfy the majority's elearning needs. Bluegem LMS also integrates Instructor Led and Online learning (Blended Learning), so no need for xApi.