How does Bluegem® Security Model work?

Understanding your TMS providers commitment to providing a secure system is crucial.

  • All of our clients get their own independent SQL Server database for all training records. This is not a 'multi tenanted' system as offered by some of our competitors, where clients effectively share a database. Multi tenanted systems are generally cheaper but are less secure and more difficult to maintain.
  • Our security model uses Microsoft's industry standard best practice.
  • The system controls (i) access security and data protection by forcing users to authenticate with encrypted login credentials, and (ii) authorisation to access protected data with appropriate roles and permissions.
  • The data is protected in a Secure Website using 256-Bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. The package includes an SSL Certificate which is required by Secure Sites (https://www...).
  • The application itself has the ability for a Super User (Generally the Course Coordinator in an RTO) to assign user roles and access rights to all other users.
  • At the start of a contract Bluegem ensures a confidentiality agreement is entered into. This allows Bluegem to access the site as required to maintain the services but obliges us to treat your information securely and confidentially.
  • Your data is backed up daily and you are entitled to request an archive from Bluegem at any time.
  • The product contains a Resource Library which you can divide into sections and allocate secure access to each section.
  • There are industry standards that dictate how security and access on the web should be managed. Our software complies with all of these standards and has been tested by Microsoft. This is a requirement of our Microsoft Silver Certified Partner accreditation.