How is AVETMISS data collected?

As an RTO, AVETMISS data collection, validation and reporting is an important part of your organisation.

All RTOs in all states are required to demonstrate that they have a system capable of submitting valid AVETMISS data files for all accredited training activity.

This applies to ALL accredited programs whether or not the training is government funded.

Bluegem handles AVETMISS reporting, verification and lodgement effortlessly for all States in Australia.

AVETMISS reportable fields in Bluegem are mandatory fields if the AVETMISS module is enabled. Where a default is specified in the AVETMISS collection specifications, we have implemented it so if a value is not selected by the User, it uses the default. This is particularly useful for the AVETMISS question responses required to be collected from the students. Course Scheduling defaults are defined when we configure your TMS based on the information provided in your configuration document.

AVETMISS values such as delivery modes and funding source codes are inherited by enrolments and reported in NAT files.

The values can be changed from the default at any point. The final say in whats reported for an enrollment is found under an enrolment's Australian Compliance tab.

avetmiss inheritence flow-12