How is the application hosted?

Knowing how your application is hosted, and how secure your data is is an important factor when deciding on a TMS provider.

The application is hosted as a single instance with its own database at our data center in Brisbane. Each company has its own host environment with SSL Certificate, Database, and a web site with a domain name of your choosing.

Data integrity and security are assured by several techniques including Secure Host with SSL Certificate and controlled access for user roles.

Data is accessed in portals: Public, Members, Admin, and generally the company will assign one person as Super Admin with the rights to assign access rights to all other users.

Bluegem also takes Passwords and Audit logging very seriously, passwords are stored in a salted one-way hash algorithm - in line with security guidelines and best practices. You won’t be able to see the username in plain text on screen, in the database or anywhere.

Bluegem’s User password requirements meet the most recent security recommendations from several guidelines, including ASCS, OWASP, ICO, NIST and Microsoft.