What is Included in Bluegem's Hosting?

Hosting is required to access your TMS online.

Hosting is an annual package payable each year. Bluegem's Standard Hosting package includes:

SSL Certificate - we purchase, install and manage your SSL certificate to keep your site secure. SSL certificates are generally issued by COMODO.

Domain Name - we host the domain name for you. The domain name is typically a sub-domain of bluegem.com.au, but any domain can be purchased through us for an additional annual fee to host and maintain the domain.

Hosting - we host your Bluegem Training Management System through either of our hosting partners. Typically Studio coast or Azure. Clients are hosted on a shared VM with their own SQL database.

Administration - Administration costs include server and email management. Each client receives a socketlabs account/ID which is used to monitor emails, ensure safe delivery & record email performance. Clients on our standard hosting package are allocated 2000 emails per month and 2GB bandwidth. Clients receive delivery failure notifications when an email from their site is not delivered.

Premium Hosting

Premium Hosting services are also available - these services can include monthly reports on server resource usage, site performance reports, site update and hotfix reports and your own managed hyper vs rather than a shared VM. Email allocation is also increased to 5000 per month plus an increase to bandwidth allowance.

For more information on our hosting services, please contact our customer service team on 1300 456 899.