What is the LMS Lite?

Having a built-in LMS saves entering your enrolments into the LMS and your TMS.

The LMS Lite is Bluegem's built-in Learning Management System.

The LMS Lite can be used with or without SCORM tracking.

The Bluegem LMS Lite eLearning module can utilise the same content developed for a SCORM course, but there is no need for a SCORM Module licence, nor do you need to purchase SCORM accounts. The limitations & options of Bluegem LMS Lite eLearning module (without the SCORM 1.2 tracking add-on) are:

  • No bookmarking - If you leave part the way through an online course, you would need to remember where you left off and navigate back to that point using the table of contents when you next log in. This could be a problem for courses that have 100s of pages.
  • Online assessments must be created as separate online components and linked to the course - We provide 3 Online Assessment Builders for this purpose. Hence, if an Assessment is required you will need two online components.

In summary, course results come from the Bluegem Assessments NOT the uploaded elearning package.

Bluegem LMS Lite is a good option for simple courses that are easy to navigate, and where formal online assessments (i.e. recorded results) can be presented in another section after the student has completed the content.

LMS Lite Module is part of the Core Product and no limit to the amount of users.

The LMS Lite can have the SCORM 1.2 tracker added on for users who require interaction tracking, quiz result recording and bookmarking. Read more here.